A digital closet to manage your luxury collection

Create a digital closet to manage your collection of luxury items and do more stuff with your stuff. Sign-up for an account to experience the future of ownership.
Do more stuff with your stuff
Manage your collection
Enjoy a bird’s eye view of your luxury collection from the convenience of your favorite device: mobile, desktop, or tablet.
Investment mindset
Treat your items as assets by tracking their value, purchasing coverage, listing them for resale, and more.
Explore the world of luxury
Browse for your favorite brands, access exclusive Owners-Only content, and become an expert on the items you own.
Luxury items are an investment
Luxury items can appreciate in value as the market evolves. Follow the real-time value of your collection to know when to hold, or when to flip.
Luxury coverage for your collection
Our luxury coverage plans protect against damage, loss, and theft. Coverage is available for all brands and claims are processed within 30 days.
Join the luxury community
There’s a story behind every luxury item. Discover exclusive content and browse additional collections.
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