Help humans appreciate the items they own

It's about connection. The appreciate platform empowers luxury brands and partners to deliver impactful post-purchase experiences to owners – who in turn, find greater utility in the items they own and a deeper appreciation for them. Our seed-stage team is recruiting those looking to do more stuff, with their stuff.
Uniquely autonomous
Empower others to make the best decisions for themselves.
Pragmatic optimism
Ideate to deliver beneficial and sensible solutions.
Intentional design
Design for the micro and macro context, for the present and future.
Social catalyst
Be the voice for our users, business, and environment.

"I cofounded appreciate to address mindless consumerism at scale. We are building a platform that empowers users to better understand the things they own and to make better purchasing decisions. This is a platform for social change, with mindfulness and intention at its core."


Allys Ton

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

"Everyday at appreciate is exciting because we're at the vanguard of digitizing physical things, building decentralized architectures and systems that will benefit real people in the real world. No Vaporware."


Alex Lake

Project Manager


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