Credentials power post-purchase experiences for luxury brands

Purchase credentials redefine ownership and post-purchase experiences for luxury brands and their owners. Brands can engage with a digital community of credential holders, enhancing automation, utility, and meaning.
Credentials, receipts with superpowers
Chain of custody
A ledger for ownership, enabling dynamic post-purchase experiences.
Market Insights
A ledger for actions, elucidating emerging ownership trends through aggregated data.
Intelligent marketing
A ledger for innovation, enabling targeted and autonomous campaigns.
Reimagining the receipt experience
Each purchase and its authenticity is recorded as a credential on the Owner Ledger. Credentials become the record of all key ownership actions after purchase.
Digital Unboxings merge the physical and digital
The joy of unboxing a purchase shouldn’t be limited to the physical world. Digital Unboxings make lasting impressions on owners and invite them to engage with their items virtually.
Meaningful ownership engagement
Push notifications shouldn’t be pushy. Create high-impact marketing campaigns that target your owners based on their ownership activity, collection, and habits.
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