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March 27, 2023|3 min read
By Grace
Why We Love Epi Leather

When purchasing a luxury handbag, it's important to do research on what the bag is made of because when you drop over 2 grand on something, you want it to last for a relatively long time. There are many different materials used, but one that we love more than the others is Epi Leather!

Epi Leather was first introduced by Louis Vuitton in 1985, and since then has become loved by many. If you are in the market for a new handbag, here is a breakdown of exactly what Epi Leather is and why it's superior to all other leathers.

What is Epi Leather? Epi leather is made from tanning natural leather, in this case, calfskin, with natural tannins, yellow/brownish organic substances that are found in plant tissues. This process creates a very soft and supple form of leather that is incredibly durable and practical for everyday use. Due to the pigmentation, the leather is weather-resistant, how amazing is that?!

Types of Epi Leather: Handbag lovers and connoisseurs know that there are actually 2 different types of Epi leather, classic and electric. Both are weather/water resistant and amazing for everyday use, but there is one key indicator that sets the two apart from each other. Classic Epi leather has a matte and smooth appearance, whereas electric Epi leather has a high-shine patent-looking finish.

Epi Leather

What Louis Vuitton products are offered in Epi leather? There are a number of styles that are currently offered in Epi leather according to the LV website: the Alma (BB and PM), Neverfull (some iterations), Noe, Speedy, the Twist (MM and PM), various wallet styles, and more. Epi leather products come in an array of colors and because the material is thicker than traditional leather, they maintain shape/structure extremely well!

Epi Leather LV Bags

If you are tempted to purchase an Epi leather item, but are unsure on which one, here are our recommendations:

  • The Neverfull because of its durability and practicality.
  • The Noe because it's perfect for on the go people and it offers enough space and room while being fun and flirty!
  • If you are looking for a more vintage look, we recommend the Speedy – it's timeless and classic!
  • If you are interested in purchasing an Epi leather product but don’t want to drop tons of money on one bag, we suggest a wallet – here is one for men and one for women! Both are stylish, sleek, and compact for travel.

In conclusion, we love Epi leather the most because it's practical for everyone and it won’t ruin easily if you get caught out in the rain. At appreciate, we are all about investment over impulse and protecting the items you love. With our app, you can track the value of your items and get coverage on items that are more susceptible to damage than Epi leather. Our advice? Purchase LV Epi leather products with great resale value; not only will you look fashionable, but you can brag about making a smart investment purchase.

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